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baybayin filipino graphic design video production art creative studio company artist Metro Manila Philippines

We are Strait Jacket Studios

Based in Metro Manila Philippines, we specialize in Graphic design and video production.



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Graphic design


We believe that good design does not discriminate. an entry level employee's "lowly" business card & a film studio's celebrated movie poster both deserve good great design.


We don't adhere to the concept that technically extensive automatically equals great design. We think that Great design can take many forms and styles. The concept usually spells the difference.


good design means clear and effective communication. great design for us means effective communication delivered creatively. This is what we love to do.

Graphic poster design

Graphic poster design

Design concept and layout for the movie poster of Cinemalaya Independent film festival best picture 'JAY'. 2009

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video production


More than anything, we value good story-telling. more than the form or the style, it is about how the message is conveyed. It is about how the essence is absorbed. And yes, people love to hear good stories.


We don't believe in templates. and We always ask ourselves, why not? An Instructional video can have a story, why can't it? Why not have a corporate video that's interesting. why does it always have to feel old, formulaic and boring? Every video project deserves its own identity , personality and style.


your audio visual presentation + our unconventional treatment = what we'd like to call "alternative avp". Why not?

filipino graphic design video production art creative studio artist company Metro Manila Philippines
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